What Are Common Signs of Diesel Engine Trouble?

What Are Common Signs of Diesel Engine Trouble?

What Are Common Signs of Diesel Engine Trouble?Your diesel engine works incredibly hard to power your semi-truck across expansive distances. As it continues to put in the work, wear and tear can cause your diesel engine to start exhibiting signs of trouble. At the first indication of a problem, you'll want to have an experienced diesel mechanic conduct diagnostics so that any issues can be addressed before they worsen. Here's a look at six signs of a diesel engine problem.

Excessive Oil Consumption

If the engine is going through a lot of oil, then there's a good chance that a leak is present. Anytime oil is leaking it's important to promptly address the issue before serious engine problems occur. Potential sources of leaks include piston rings and cylinder liners.

Loss of Power

Diesel engine power loss could be caused by issues such as worn-out head gaskets, piston rings, and valves. Anytime your semi truck loses a noticeable amount of power, it should raise a red flag. It's very important that your truck is running at full strength so you can safely haul heavy loads up steep roads.

Decreasing Fuel-Efficiency

Damaged fuel injectors or rings could cause a reduction in fuel-efficiency. If injectors fail, then excessive diesel could potentially leak into the chamber, which could lead to significant engine trouble.

Difficulty with Starting Up

If your diesel engine is struggling to properly fire up, one possibility to consider is that there are worn-out combustion chamber parts.

Strange Sounds

A combustion timing issue or contaminated oil could cause a knocking sound. A clunking sound suggests a bad main or rod bearing.

Blue Smoke

Worn cylinders can cause the engine to burn oil. Blue smoke may also result from an oil leak. With this symptom it's best to have a diesel mechanic take a look so the underlying issue can be identified.

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Posted: October 8, 2020

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