What are common reasons that semi trucks break down?

What are common reasons that semi trucks break down?

What are common reasons that semi trucks break down?When your truck ends up on the side of the road, it's ideal if you can have a mobile semi truck mechanic show up promptly to get you back moving as soon as possible. While some causes of breakdowns are obvious, such as tire blowouts, others aren't always so clear. But a mobile semi truck mechanic can provide quick and accurate diagnostics before getting right to work on fixing the issue. Here are five common causes of semi truck breakdowns.

Tire Blowout

To minimize the risk of a blowout occurring, it's important to keep up on tire & wheel maintenance tasks, such as rotation and alignment. Driving with the correct tire pressure will also help to reduce this risk. When a blowout occurs, a mobile mechanic can quickly take care of your tire issues.


A variety of issues could cause your truck to overheat, which is definitely a problem that can leave you sidelined and in a precarious situation. This could be occurring because your thermostat isn't properly opening and closing. Other potential causes include a bad radiator cap or a coolant leak. Also, you may need head gasket replacement if you see coolant bubbling in that area.

Electrical Problems

Trouble with the battery, alternator, or starter motor could leave you unable to fire up your engine. An experienced semi truck mechanic will usually be able to quickly locate a wire in your electrical system that is causing a short.

Broken Clutch Cable

Regular wear and tear can cause clutch cables to erode to the point that they break. This is an issue that could cause gears to slip as you drive.

Oil Leak

When there's a serious oil leak, friction could be bad enough that moving parts end up breaking down. By keeping up with maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, you can minimize the risk of this occurring. Also, you'll want to keep a watchful eye on your oil pressure.

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Posted: December 8, 2020

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