24/7 Emergency Truck Assistance in Southern Nevada

24/7 Emergency Truck Assistance in Southern Nevada

24/7 Emergency Truck Assistance in Southern NevadaAll kinds of hazards can emerge on the highway and if your semi truck becomes suddenly sidelined, you'll need a mobile repair service that will show up as quickly as possible to get you and your rig back on the road. Here's a look at six services provided by a mobile semi truck mechanic in Southern Nevada.

Mobile Semi Truck Tire Services

You need to reach your destination as quickly as safely possible, but a flat tire can put you behind schedule. When you get a flat, you'll want to call in a roadside technician who can promptly install new tires as needed. And if the situation makes it possible, tire repair can even be done onsite.

Computer Diagnostics

If your big rig has run into mechanical trouble that has left you stranded on the shoulder, then you'll want a mechanic who can quickly come out and conduct diagnostics. Then, an accurate assessment can be made about the best course of action to get you safely back on the highway.

Fuel Delivery

Running out of fuel can happen to the best of us. Rather than beating yourself up about it, it's best to quickly take action so that a fuel delivery can promptly get you moving again.

Jump Starting

With mobile jumpstart equipment, the technician will be able to give you a jump no matter if you're on the side of the interstate or off on some country road.

Transmission Services

Signs of a semi truck transmission problem include gear slippage, leaking transmission fluid, and difficulty with getting into gear.

Air Brake Repairs

An experienced semi truck mechanic will have expertise in repairing air brake systems, which rely on air rather than hydraulic fluid. Faulty truck brakes can pose a serious safety hazard not just to you, but to other drivers on the road. If you notice signs of brake trouble, such as grinding or pulling, then you'll want to have an air brake expert come to you so the repairs can be done on the spot.

If you need semi truck roadside assistance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For 24/7 semi truck roadside assistance in Southern Nevada and Utah, contact the experts at Kaos Solutions at (855) 933-1002. We also specialize in RV and tour bus repair in Las Vegas. Feel free to give Kaos Solutions a call today for any of your commercial truck's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: August 08, 2020

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