Top Services of a Mobile Big Rig Repair Service

Top Services of a Mobile Big Rig Repair Service

Top Services of a Mobile Big Rig Repair ServiceWhen out on the open road, anything can happen. If you're a truck driver than you need to keep local mechanics on speed dial when passing through their service zone so that you suffer too much downtime waiting for a tow, diagnostics and repair when the services you need could all be done right on the side of the road. What can you expect from a mobile diesel truck repair mechanic? The following are a few of the most common services provided.

Fuel Delivery

Sometimes the stretch between gas stations ends up being just a bit too far. If you find yourself on E you can count on a mobile mechanic to get you up and running by delivering diesel fuel to wherever you may be stranded.

Tire Services

Flat tires will bring your trip to a sudden halt. A mobile truck mechanic should be able to bring a new tire and complete the tire change in a short amount of time, significantly limiting your downtime.

Starting Assistance

There are many reasons that a truck may not be able to start, but a trusted and skilled mechanic will be able to diagnose the issues and likely fix it, right on site. Whether your rig just needs a dead battery or is suffering from more complex problems, such as a fuel delivery or ignition problem, a mobile tech will get you moving again.

Air Brake Repair

Your truck's brakes are critical for safe transport. If you encounter any signs of decreased braking capabilities it would be best to pull over as soon as you find a safe and legal location to do so and contact a mobile truck mechanic. Putting off brake repair could prove to be catastrophic.

Mobile Diesel Engine Repair

If you're running into bigger engine issues that are preventing you from finishing your delivery, have no fear. A mobile mechanic will come equipped with all of the diagnostic equipment, tools and parts necessary to fix just about any issue, right on the side of the road. If the problem proves to be bigger than expected, a worthwhile mobile mechanic will be able to have your truck towed to a facility that they operate out of for more intricate repairs.

If you've found yourself in need of a 24/7 mobile semi truck mechanic in Las Vegas or throughout southern Nevada or Utah, reach out to Kaos Solutions. Our roadside assistance team will have you up and running in no time. When it's time for commercial truck repair in Southern Nevada and Utah along the I-15 Corridor, give us a call toll free (855) 933-1002.

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