Tips for Driving Your Semi Truck during Winter Weather

Tips for Driving Your Semi Truck during Winter Weather

Tips for Driving Your Semi Truck during Winter WeatherNo matter the time of year, you want to make sure you're driving your big rig in a defensive manner, keeping yourself and other drivers as safe as possible. But especially during the winter months, when roads are slick and visibility is limited, it's best to be extra cautious. Risking an accident is never worth arriving at your destination a little sooner. Here's a look at six tips for driving a semi truck in winter.

Slow Down

During stretches of winter weather, accidents often occur when drivers don't adjust their speed in accordance with the conditions. By driving slower, you can help to compensate for reductions in traction and visibility.

Increased Following Distance

When roads are icy, it can take you ten times longer to arrive at a full stop. This makes it imperative that you maintain a substantially larger following distance, especially when hauling tens of thousands of pounds.

Keep Your Lights On

Even at high noon, winter weather can make visibility quite poor. Not only will your headlights improve your ability to see the road ahead, they'll also make you more visible to other drivers.

Remain Calm

When a roadway hazard suddenly emerges, it's best if you can remain cool under pressure and not take any unnecessarily drastic actions. When possible, you'll want to lightly pump your brakes, rather than suddenly slamming them on.

Pull Over when Needed

In some situations, the weather will make the road more or less unnavigable. When visibility is severely limited or the road is excessively slick, the safest move could be to just pull over and wait for conditions to improve.

Maintenance Inspection

As winter nears, your truck should receive seasonal maintenance. You'll want to check antifreeze, tire pressure, and engine oil. It's also smart to have a mechanic check mechanical components, including your brakes.

If you need semi truck maintenance to prepare for winter driving, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For semi truck maintenance in Southern Nevada and Utah, contact the experts at Kaos Solutions at (855) 933-1002. Kaos Solutions also provides 24/7 roadside commercial truck repair in Southern Nevada and Utah! Feel free to give Kaos Solutions a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your commercial truck's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: November 11, 2020

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