5 Common Air Brake Problems

5 Common Air Brake Problems

For semi trucks to be brought to a safe stop, the air brakes need the proper level of compressed air to push the brake shoe lining onto the brake drum. During the braking process, friction slows down the wheels until they cease rolling. Because air brakes are more complex than the braking systems found on standard cars and trucks, it's important that they're always serviced by mechanics who specialize in this type of repair. Here's a look at five common types of air brake trouble.

Pressure Builds Up Slowly

For semi truck wheels to slow down reliably, the air brakes need highly pressurized air to generate the necessary force. For the correct pressure to be attained, you need a healthy compressor. If your air braking system seems to be building pressure too slowly, then it's definitely safest to have a mechanic conduct an inspection.

Rapid Pressure Loss

Major strain could be placed on the compressor if the reservoir is losing pressure too quickly. This problem could be due to an issue with the valves that control how air is flowing out of the reservoir.

Oil/Water in Air Reservoir

Air braking systems have an air dryer that gets rid of oil and water before it enters the reservoir. If water is finding its way into your reservoir, it could mean that you need a new air dryer cartridge. Corrosion may result from water getting into the reservoir.

Brake Shoe Is Stuck

A sticking brake shoe may allow your truck to still come to a stop effectively. But then when you step on the throttle, your truck may exhibit poor acceleration.

Misaligned Brake Shoes

If brake shoes don't wear down evenly, one could start thinning at a fast pace. Indications of this issue are squealing and scraping sounds.

If your truck needs air brake repair, be sure to entrust the work to a reputable specialist. For air brake repair in Southern Nevada and Utah, contact the experts at Kaos Solutions at (855) 933-1002. Kaos Solutions also provides RV and tour bus repair in Southern Nevada and Utah. Feel free to give Kaos Solutions a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your commercial truck's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: January 08, 2021

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