6 Signs of Semi Truck Transmission Trouble

6 Signs of Semi Truck Transmission Trouble

6 Signs of Semi Truck Transmission TroubleBecause seemingly minor transmission issues can quickly develop into major problems, it's important to seek a mechanic's care at the first sign of trouble in this department. When you need transmission repair or maintenance for your semi truck, it's important to choose a mechanic who specializes in servicing big rigs. Here's a look at six signs that your semi truck needs transmission repair.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid plays a crucial role in lubricating the transmission's moving parts. It's a good idea to occasionally check the ground where your truck has been parked and check for signs of automotive fluid leaks. Transmission fluid can often be identified by its reddish color. If you suspect such a leak, you'll want to act quickly to address it so that you don't risk the development of much worse transmission problems.

Hard to Get into Gear

You shouldn't have to make several attempts just to get in gear, but if you do, then transmission trouble could be brewing. This could be occurring because of low transmission fluid.

Popping Out of Gear

Your truck might be slipping out of gear because of low hydraulic pressure levels, which aren't generating sufficient force for gear engagement.

Grinding Noises

Grinding noises that are coming from the transmission could be occurring due to low transmission fluid. Cracks in the gears could also cause grinding sounds.

Herky-Jerky Shifting

Rough shifting is sometimes caused by an issue with the shift solenoid. Another possible culprit is that fluid is clogging up.

Lack of Power while Accelerating

A healthy transmission plays a crucial role in a semi truck's ability to smoothly and reliably accelerate. If you're having problems with acceleration, then you'll want to have the matter inspected.

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Posted: June 08, 2020

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