5 Tips for Improving Semi Truck Gas Mileage

5 Tips for Improving Semi Truck Gas Mileage

5 Tips for Improving Semi Truck Gas MileageEven though your commercial truck doesn't get great gas mileage, you can still take certain measures to keep your fuel expenses as low as you reasonably can. This will improve your bottom line over the long haul. Here's a look at five ways to boost semi truck MPGs.

Proper Tire Inflation

Your gas mileage could drop by 1% for each tire that is 10 psi underinflated. At this rate, it's certainly worthwhile to make sure your tires are correctly inflated. For a 12,000-pound steer axle load, the general rule is to shoot for 110 psi.

Gentle Acceleration

By gently applying pressure to the gas pedal, rather than stomping it down, you can help to ensure that your engine doesn't get overworked and start to burn an excessive amount of fuel in the process.

No Unnecessary Idling

Whenever you pull over to stop for a while, it's best to shut off your engine so that you don't let diesel go to waste.

Don't Overload

While the truck is designed to haul a heavy load, that doesn't mean you should take on unnecessary weight. While driving across long distances, every excess pound has an impact on your gas mileage----and can add up to the point that it hits you in the wallet.

Follow the Speed Limit

It might be tempting to get to your destination more quickly, but doing so can cause a significant dip in your fuel-efficiency. For optimal gas mileage (and to avoid getting ticketed in some states!), it's best to cruise at 65 mph.

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Posted: July 8, 2020

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