Common Reasons for Semi Truck Overheating

Common Reasons for Semi Truck Overheating

Common Reasons for Semi Truck OverheatingThere are numerous issues that can cause your semi truck to overheat, so this article won't cover all of them. However, it will identify a few of the most common causes of overheating for big rigs. What's most important, however, is that if your truck starts to overheat is that you pull over as soon as it is safe and legal to do so, and then connect with a mobile semi truck repair team for diagnostics and service.

Failed Thermostat

A thermostat that does not open and close when designed to can result in overheating. This is a very common issue, especially if your truck has not had its thermostat replaced before. A mobile truck repair person will be able to deliver and install a new thermostat and have you on your way in no time.

Blown Head Gasket

If you pull over after seeing white steam escaping from your hood or because of a spiking engine temperature gauge, you'll likely want to take a peek around the engine to see if you can spot any trouble. Check the area where the head gasket is for any signs of bubbling coolant, as this can be an indication that your truck needs head gasket replacement.

Malfunctioning Water Pump

It is not always an obvious diagnosis to your overheating problem, as water pumps are an internal device, but if your vehicle's water pump has worn propeller or begins to leak, you are sure to overheat.

Defective Radiator Cap

If your truck has a defective radiator cap it can prevent the cooling system from reaching and then releasing the pressure it requires to operate. If the cap itself is no good, it could result in other drastic issues, such as a burst hose or a radiator seam leak.

Coolant Leak

In general, if you spot coolant leaking from your truck, there is a good chance it's the reason you're experiencing overheating. Coolant can leak from a number of locations, but none of them are good. Contact a mobile semi truck mechanic to identify the location of the leak and repair it so you can get back on the road ASAP.

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